Friday, August 6, 2010

                 It was a dark usual night and I wanted to reach home as soon as possible. I was rolled in thoughts and grieve….soon I started hating the crowd at the depot. Ignoring them, I started imagining myself in a Jacuzzi with rose petals floating on it. Around me was my all favorite dishes that made me happy……I was filled with joy when I tasted chicken. I felt like it is making me greedy to eat it. But these dreams never land up to reality….suddenly someone pushed me. I was out of my fantasy world…..Hopefully, ac bus arrived. As I entered, its was full. Everybody was staring me like I am wanted person (I took it in a good way, maybe I looked good)…..I started thinking and thinking. I shopped. Its was actually a bit boring shopping…..I chosed a shirt which was cool. I knew my mother wont like it……as I was thinking again, I took a ticket which costed me rs.30.I wanted to scream on him, but I was in no mood.Actualy I was confused…….Many thoughts and feelings were rolling up. I was getting more and more confused…..

                After sometime, I got my solution. I will help you understand with an example*—there are 100 favorite dishes in front of me. I can’t resist eating them. They are more beautiful than the worlds beautiful models or nature…… I know I cant eat it totally. So should I get confused????? Of course not. Best idea is to TASTE each one……..and your soul will be desired….moral of the story is you can’t beat the confusion, but you can deal with it…….confusion is a thing which is developed by our human brain. If brain can create it, it can destroy it too.

              I reached home. Mom was very keen to see my shirt………. Dad was very happy but moms mind wasn’t satisfied. She didn’t like the color. I felt bad at once. But important thing is I liked it. I started making myself optimistic and that feeling was awesome…….I will find a way out of confusion. This will let me live a happy life.


  1. Ah you got my advice seriously :P
    Well confusion makes people aware of their true capabilities, if you can deal with it effectively you are a awesome person. As of me i am hell lot confused, but your post was nice. The most important thing is your happiness, other's opinion doesn't matter. So chill! :)

  2. i told u dat if u lyk it dats more important :) nd tanvi said is ryt.. othrs opinion doesnt matter :)

  3. nice post...!!!
    things like confusion are the spice of life!! :)