Sunday, July 25, 2010



         In my childhood, I used to be amazed by universe.I used to imagine about how much big is the universe.I got my first inspiration from Albert Einstein who derived the theory of relativity equation.That equation changed the perception of universe.I was amazed by the fact that,by one equation our universe came into existence......

         The pictures of nebulae,supernova fascinated me a lot.they are so beautiful.Hope i could see them one day.Then my interest turned to aliens.As i started reading all the stories of aliens,I started believing in them.And then came a great physicist Stephen hawking.a scientist who thought of time travel ,aliens and about big bang too.My desires were fulfilled by Stephen hawking.I started watching his documentaries on discovery and trust me guys those documentaries were awesome........

        It's damn interesting to know about the origin of the universe and future of it.I still think to travel the universe and get its photos.Visiting the aliens and having lunch with them (i hope they make chicken biryani for me).I am very lucky that i live in this universe.THANK YOU ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!


  1. Stephen Hawking my second crush after Einstein :P
    But i am still interested in aliens and the fourth dimension. Nice post! Your love for universe is clearly visible :D