Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LOVE FOREVER............

Long ago i had a dream,
of a charming boy sitting beside me.
His eyes sparkling in the dark,
Flashing right in my heart.

Shying away he said-i am your chosen angel,
Will you accept me??
Yes i replied without losing time.

Approaching myself,i asked him,
He assured himself and replied me-
Thank you dear,you are a true human being

I wont let you go.you are mine.
said the boy grabbing my mind.
I prayed to god,let me die,
I want to live in dreams,god be kind.

My wish was granted,I saw myself die,
brutal it was,yet it was nice.
It was all over and we were together for lifetime.


  1. Wowoie!!! Dear this is awesome :) You can write poems too.... stupid just keep posting without ever worrying :)

  2. amazing, nice n a bit weird!! :P
    keep writing..!!